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So why ?

We often see people doing street art tours, 20 Multi cultural tourists following a man in red courderoy trousers from one wall to another, as he reads off a card what was written in the Guardian last Sunday. 

Fact is you might not want someone elses opinion, and you may want to spend 10 minutes looking at one wall and ignore the next one, take it at your own pace, grab a coffee, take a break when you want etc. 

What you do need is to know where to look, and what to look for , this is where we try to help. 

We will try to add some information on artisits that you can read if you wish, and some local knowledge that might help but in general we just want to help you enjoy the art by pointing you in the right direction. 

We dont want your money, we dont have adverts, no forms, no cookies no one will call you about PPI. Choose a route - pick up your smart phone - put on your boots - stroll - enjoy - finish - repeat . 

(That said if you think you could benefit from a Tour Guide try :



Or "ask Google" :-) 

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