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This walk is a short 1.5 mile walk that does not link up with any others so would need to be completed independently.

It also takes in the Leake street area which is best done early in the day, the area can become a little unsavoury late in the day!   

Start  Here ?

The tour starts at St Pauls Cathedral, which is 100% free of any Grafitti but a good point of reference and there are a couple of cafe's at the north side of St Pauls for that all important Pre Walk cafine fix. 

Walk South from St Pauls down Peters Hill (pedestrianised) towards the Millenium Foot Bridge. 

Watch Your Step

As you walk onto the millenium bridge be sure to look down. 

The bridge plays host to a number of pieces of chewing gum that have been turned into art by Ben Wilson. Each a mini canvas for his intricate work. 

Across the bridge and turn right. Past the Tate Modern. 


Continue walking down the Embankment path under the Waterloo bridge. On your left is the Queen Elizabeth Hall. Around the building there are a number of pieces of art, including some large pieces at the rear.

The Front of the building houses an open skatepark area called  Undercroft, the Graffiti here is ever changing. 
Continue down the Embanement Path. 

Leake Street

At the next Bridge (Hungerford) stay left and walk past the long row of Stik figures.

Contune down towards the Millenium Wheel and turn left at the end of the green space. At Belvedere Road take a right then left, at York Road annother Right then left into Leake Street. 

At the end is a long railway arch with every part supporting Graffiti and Art of all kinds. 

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