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5 Minute Intro

You can spend many hours reading about street art in its different forms. Discus the history and the Social or Political orrigins. Some people hate all forms and categorise it as vandalism others embrace it. You are welcomed to have your own opinion. 

Over recent decades Street Art / Urban Art / Guerrilla Art / has become more acceptable to more people and is supported by many Pop Stars, Actors and even Prime Ministers and US presidents ! 

The sections bellow will give you a high level breakdown of the main categories of Street Art, there are many books and web articles if you want to dig further. 

Graffiti Art

A generic term for painting on walls or shutters. Often with Aerosol Cans but also with other paints, brushes rollers etc. Occasionally also incorporating small sculpture parts. Larger pieces sometimes being called Murals. 

Paste Ups & Stickers

Paste ups and stickers are pre made artistic paper based posters often supporting Political or thought provoking messages. 
The Paste ups are so called as they are often attached with "WheatPaste" which gives a long lasting coating enabling exterior placement

Stencil Graffiti

Still delivered with Aerosol Cans and Paint the artist creates a re-usable stencil out of cardboard or heavy paper. This enables the image to be perfected in a studio before being taken to the street location. Images are re-produced more quickly and can be repeated. Some are multilayered and can involve many colours. 

Instalations and Sculpture

A general name for a wider group of Steet art. this can include sculpture such as Christian Nagels Mushrooms or art stuck to walls such as the many faces of French street artist Gregos. The tip here is to look up high, as these are often put out of public reach to preserve them as long as possible. 

Graffitit Writing Tagging & WildStyle

Tagging is the creation of a name or crew on a wall in paint or markers by one or more people. The more intricate interlocked letting sometimes referred to as Wildstyle. 
Some Writers or Bombers preferring not be be categorsied in the "Street Art" genre. 

The Future ? 

Some say that in the future Street art will move to areas like Projection Art where multiple pieces of art can be displayed on the same wall with no impact to the location. Sculpture may incorporate LED based instalations. Either way the Art form will evolve faster than most. 

Quick Tips

Eyes Wide Open : Many pieces are obvious, walls, shutters etc, but there is a large amount that goes missed. Always look up high (Elys yard a good example). Look down , some art is very small and at pavement level, Slinkachu specialises in small instalations and Ben Wilson paints Chewing gum ! and every now and then look behind you, walls face all directions . . .

Social Media : a quick twitter search on #Streetart #Grafitti #Shoreditch #Bricklane etc, should get you an insight into the latest. Consider following @Globalstreetart, @LDNGraffiti or others . . . . 

Health and Safety : Do the obvious, wear good shoes and consider something waterproof, its England after all therefore bound to rain at sometime. Most Street Art is not located in the high end parts of the worlds Cities, London is no exception. So while you are staring at the latest piece from your favourite artist look after your valuables. 

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