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This walk is planned as an add-on for the Brick Lane tour but can be completed independantly or with the Hoxton Map. 
If done independantly there are fewer weekend attractions so can be done as a short week day or even lunchtime trip if you live or work in the area.  
Minimum time is 30 mins, Distance 1.3 m.  

Start  Here ?

If you are adding this loop onto the Brick Lane tour then pick up this part from the end of Sclatter street. If you are doing it independently pick up a Bagel from the top of Brick Lane and  start there. 

If you start from Sclatter street turn right down the Bethnal Green road then  2nd left into Redchurch street. 

From Brick Lane cross the road on a diagonal to the left into the same road. 

Redchurch St

This are has some older shutters and also new work. 
Some nice pieces around the junction of Turville street on both sides of the road, as you follow Redchurch street. 

Before you turn left into Club Row/B122 look back at the area across the road, the walls and even the trees are often supporting some work. 
Turn Left into Club Row, then right into Whitby street. 

Whitby Street

This area houses some active walls and long standing pieces from artists like JimmyC and MrCenz. Walk all the way to the end. To Chance Street where the whole short street supports some large works take a right turn back up to Redchurch Street. 
At Redchurch street we are going to turn left, but consider turning right to cover the section missed in the detour round Whitby street. (not on the map). there are a couple of doors and shutters to see. Continue down Redchurch St. 

Ebor Street

At the next junction, Ebor Street, you can see most of the large works, but consider a detour halfway  down here to get a full view. Much of the work is from high profile artist Ben Eine. 

Back to Redchurch street and follow it to the end, turn left and cross over the road, consider Coffee at Pret on the corner of Holywell Lane. . . . . . ok you can have a Muffin too. 

Holywell Lane

Holywell Lane is a declining area for street art due to the building works taking place and carparks being fenced off but look through the fences and around the hordings you will be able to spot some classic pieces soon to be lost to the development of the area. 

Continue to the end , turn left for 100 yards.
Oposite the entrance to Fairchild Street is the Shoreditch Art Wall which often has some good images although is sometimes used for advertising. The art changes often so you could get lucky. 
Turn back and up Great Eastern Street. 

Great Eastern Street

The area currently has a number of Hordings around building works and these are receiving some attention from quality artisits. Wander up as far as the traffic lights (400yds). 
Across the road is Jealous Gallery, Consider a visit. 
Continue down Great Eastern Street 200 Yards until you find Leonard Street on your left.

Pure Evil

There are some old and new pieces in Leonard Street and also the Pure Evil Gallery and Store  .

Past the store and turn right into Ravey Street, left into Blackall street.

The block surrounded by Blackall street and Willow street is under construction and all the hoardings are supporting artwork. Loop round the Block to the end of Willow Street

Walk through the short connection between Willow Street and Great Eastern Street, another set of hoardings supports some good work.

The Tramshed

Cross the road and into 
Garden walk, at the end of you will find the Tramshed resaurant, the walls in Garden Walk hold pieces and if closed the front doors in Rivington street too.

At Rivington Street take a short detour tourning left to the end of the street where some additional art is, then back down Rivington  street, past the Tramshed and follow it all the way to the end. 

One of the last Banksys ‘Guard Dog’ in the premises of the Cargo Bar, but plenty of other good work too,. 


Turn right down Shoreditch High Road, and walk down to the Bethnal Green Road.

Just before the railway bridge going over the road turn Left (past Boxpark). This brings you back to the Brick Lane tour or to where you started. 

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