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This walk is the base for most in this area, it is approx 1.6 miles long, but depends on how much you wander off the track, so 2 miles would be average. 
Suggestion is to do this on a Sunday when there are Markets and other thngs to see. 
Minimum time is 45 mins, but add in coffee and lunch at the market gives you a half day tour. 

Start  Here ?

The map starts and ends at the Old Spittalfield Market. There are coffee shops in the area to stock up with caffine before you set off.

Turn Right down Commercial Street until you get to Fashion Street

Continue into Fashion street where there are a number of pieces, walls and paste ups down the Street.  

Brick Lane

At the end of Fashion street consider taking a short detour down  Osborn Street to Stolen Space Gallery. Many Street art based shows at this location , check the link to see what is on. 

If you dont fancy the Gallery turn left into Brick Lane. 

5th Base

After a few yards down Brick Lane take a right at  Heneage Street.

Half way down Heneage street is 5th base Gallery,  the gates to the gallery are often supporting a key piece and in the courtyard the left wall has a 4 storey high piece from Dan Kitchener. 
Back out on Heneage street and directly across the road there is a small Square, the wall to the right often supports some impressive pieces. 

No Parking

Turn back to Brick lane and continue down a few yards and turn left just before 53 Brick Lane. This is an old car park/garage block which houses 10 or more walls used for art and has a good variety.

The walls here change often so always worth a visit. 
Back to Brick Lane and take the next Left (Fournier Street) and check the first couple of doorways and shutters, then back to Brick Lane.  

Hanbury Street

Lots to see in Hanbury Street, turn right and walk the whole street. (Not on Map). Art on the left and right and the shop shutters. One of the largest pieces from Martin Ron has been here for 2-3 years now. 

Back towards Brick lane and into the west side of Hanbury Street. 100 yards turn right through the gates into Dray Walk.  

Dray Walk/Elys Yard

Elys Yard is an open area with some historic Pieces. Look to the far left of the space for artworks by Banksy & D*Face now kept out of reach of the public. 
The yard also host a number of spots for additional wall art and Hordings etc. This is a good place for lunch or a break if you need one. if you are there at the weekend plenty of market action too. 

Buxton Street

Follow Dray Walk round and back onto brick lane, continue down and turn right onto Buxton Street, then left into Code Street. At the end of Code street is an old railway station and many other walls with various pieces always changing. turn left into the walkway that leads back to Brick Lane (Pedley Street). 

Sclatter Street

Continue down Brick Lane for 500 Yards and turn left into Sclatter Street. Follow Sclatter street all the way down taking in the various art, dont forget to look back on occasion, it is easy to walk past even the largest mural when it is not in direct sight. Turn left on the the Bethnal Green road then left onto Braithwaite Street Past Shoreditch Station 

Braithwaite Street

Wander down under the railway tunnel and over the bridge where 80% of the walls have some sort of Art attached. Into Wheeler Street, Left into Calvin Street.  turn right into Jerome street where recently there have been some hordings for building works with some high quality pieces, follow round to  Commercial st. where the map walks you to SpitalFields market for Coffee,. 

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